Sunday, 6 April 2014

How to find CC ( Credit Card Is Valid Or Not )

for educational PURPOSES ONLY. How to find CC ( Credit Card Is Valid Or Not ) This is all simply by knowing the 16 digits on the front of a card. The first digit of a card is called the Major Industry Identifier (MII). It designates the category of the entity which issued to card. This is useful in finding what exactly the card is for. 1 and 2 are Airlines, 3 is Travel and Entertainment 4 and 5 are Banking and Financial 6 is Merchandizing and Banking 7 is Petroleum 8 is Telecommunications 9 is a National assignment The first 6 digits are the Issuer Identification Number (IIN). It will identify the institution that issued the card. Visa: 4xxxxx Mastercard: 51xxxx – 55xxxx Discover: 6011xx, 644xxx, 65xxxx Amex: 34xxxx, 37xxxx Cards can be looked up by their IIN. A card that starts with 376211 is a Singapore Airlines Krisflyer American Express Gold Card. 529962 designates a pre-paid Much-Music MasterCard. The 7th and following digits, excluding the final digit, are the person’s account number. This leaves a trillion possible combinations. The final digit is the check digit or checksum. It is used to validate the credit card number using the Luhn algorithm How to use this information to validate a credit card with your brain: Take the below number (or any credit card number) 4417 1234 5678 9113 Now, double every other digit from the right (4×2, 1×2, 1×2, 3×2, 5×2, 7×2, 9×2, 1×2) Add these new digits to the undoubled ones (4, 7, 2, 4, 6, 8, 1, 3) All double digit numbers are added as a sum of their digits, so 14 becomes 1+4. 8+4+2+7+2+2+6+4+1+0+6+1+4+8+1+8+1+2+3 = 70 If the final sum is divisible by 10, then the credit card number is valid. If it’s not divisible by 10, the number is invalid or fake. In this case, 70 is divisible by 10, so the credit card number is indeed valid. This works with every credit card If you have any Credit / Debit Card U may Can check it out.

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